So What about Soy?

I am particularly excited about this next new series we’re starting in “Your Natural Food Coach”.
It one where I get to know you, my readers, and you get to choose your topics.

As I get alot of questions on a variety of natural food topics, I thought what a better place for us all to get to the meat of the matter together than here.

Ta-Dah!!! Introducing yours and mine, newest series "So, What About..."

A place where you ask, and once a month, I try to answer in 600 words or less!

One of the more common subjects I get asked about is soy, that alleged super food for the new millennium.

So, what about Soy?

Is it really all that and more?

Soy is a general term referring to many by-products derived from the soy bean. It appears in many forms, most commonly a brick, something like cheese, called tofu, but is also a milk substitute, as well as dried flakes and chunks called TVP or textured soy protein. Soybean oil is also becoming a cheap, favorite among processed food producers.

Twenty years ago, it was a quirky delicacy to an extremist vegetarian diet. But no more. It has found the spotlight and is receiving praise as being a perfect health food.
It is said to have enormous quantities of proteins and to be rich in calcium, magnesium, and other ultra important minerals essential for health.

Soy producers have blanketed the media with claims that soy prevents cancers, osteoporosis, heart disease and menopause symptoms.
Soy products hit sales of more than $4.1 billion in 2008 and the market is now saturated with soy options from soy baby formula, to soy hotdogs to soy ice cream.

But the truth about soy is more complicated than what we have originally been told. Soy appears to have a “dark side,” as more and more studies are revealing risks of soy.

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