Meet the Sketch~ My Review of Skecher's Shape-Up's

12:35 P.M:
I just wanted to take a peek at Urban Trail to "check them out for a minute"
I had spent an entire afternoon surfing skechers.com humming and hahing, secretly very intrigued with these new creatures "The Shape-ups" shoe.

"Get in Shape Without Setting Foot in a Gym" they tell me... hmmm,

"Shape up while you walk! Designed to ; promote weight loss, tone muscles, improve posture'

Pretty vague claims, me thinks, but, please, continue...

"Improves blood circulation, strengthens the back, tightens abdominal muscles, firms buttocks muscles, reduces cellulite and tones thighs, firms calf muscles, reduces stress on knee and ankle joints"

Cellulite? Well, now... if an advertisement ever wants to catch my attention, just toss the "C" word in there.

This new "fitness footwear' is designed with what they call a 'rolling bottom', a special soft insert under the heel, and a dual-density mid-sole

The theory?
Create a shoe that mimics walking on uneven, soft surfaces and we are forced to engage muscles not normally used when walking on hard ground.

The testimonies were definitely impressive.
People were smitten, claiming that workout 'burn' on their legs , tighter butts, looser jeans and CONFIDENCE.

Put on a simple shoe, and voila... head up, shoulder straight, instant confidence.

OK, I'll bite...
lets go price these puppies out.

And, yes, I really did intend to just price them out.

But before I had the right shoe on, I was sold.

Puppies had a new home.

I had gone thru my share of crazy insoles; memory foam, reflexology pressure points, jelly insoles, but NEVER had I laid foot on something like this.

Heaven on earth for my tootsies.

Thank you Jesus, because on top of it all, the bill was picked up by my shopping buddy, who just wanted to "bless" me.
(pardon me, was my drooling that obvious?)

So long story short, ten minutes flat and one hundred and sixty something bucks later, I walked out of Urban Trails on air.

Skechers air not Nike.

Definitely the fastest purchase I have made in a loooong time.

The first thing i noticed, was that crazy "kinetic wedge".
It really does 'keep you on your toes" and takes you by surprise.

You have to walk very aware of your balance, which, from what I understand is alot of the muscle work out.

Ever tried to do a curls on a exercises ball, girls?
Did you find all sorts of hidden muscles? Yup, the patent-pending Skecher kinetic wedge will do that too.

Always trying to get the best possible opp that I can, I choose on the cute little Baby-Jane style...in black.

Truth be told, I despise to look of runners, always have.
To me they just look so big and clunky.

I mean, really! Shoes should be cute and sassy with at least a 2 inch heel.
Absolutely under no circumstance, no laces, eva!!
My sincerest apologise to all jocks, I know these are a staple to your wardrobe.
But it seems to more athletic they are, the bigger, chunkier and unsightly they get.
No matter how many swooshes you put on them.

Running shoes are just ugly, period.

I figured at least with the Baby-Jane numbers I could wear them to work.
Who knows, the brochure tells me they work while I stand.
Perfecto for an eight hour day on the floor.

Maybe this might be the place to mention, if you never have seen these shoes... Baby-Jane style included, they are still kinda ugly.
Large looking and clunky.

It's that wild insole in the heel that bulks them up, but goofy looking or not, it wasn't long before I was refusing to take them off.

So how was Day One with the Sketch?

Very very nice indeed.

I tried them out for the rest of the day, shopping.
We still had the rest of the mall to get thru and Wal*Mart.

Once at home, I cracked open the instruction booklet and instructional DVD... yes, instruction booklet. (there was even a 15 and 30 minute workout and warm-up techniques included)

Apparently, I need to learn how to walk properly in these.

Feet are shoulder width apart, back straight, chin up, eyes looking straight ahead ( wouldn't walking like that in any shoe give you a sense of confidence?) stepping into the middle of your heel, rolling your foot forward and pushing off with your toes.

This was the hardest part for me.
I have discovered that when I step, I tend to dig down with the heel of my heel, so walking on the middle made me feel quite flat-footed.

No worries, I made it thru the afternoon of shopping, the 15 minute workout and an 45 minute evening walk.

I definitely did feel a "something" in my legs and calves while I walked, but not so sure if it is the same "something" that everyone else raved about.

The manual actually advises you to consider these shoes a very serious form of exercise and to start with 25-45 minute increments for your first several weeks, until you level of strength increases.

Don't think I've done any serious muscle strain by wearing them all day, I've seem to have survived intact.
Certainly isn't because I am a prime example of muscular versatility and stamina.
Probably, I just haven't got the "rolling action" down pat, yet.

So to sum up Day One in the "Shape-up"~

Two thumbs up way up.
Even if they are uglyish, an absolute must for anyone dying for foot comfort.
If you are on your feet all day where ever you are, these are a life saver.
All waitresses, nurses, aides, retail service peeps, imagine me, leaning thru your computer screen looking you deep in your baby blues (greens, browns) and saying "YOU NEED THESE NOW!!)

My feet and legs never got that tired aching feeling.
Yes, I felt a "feeling" but I felt more energized the longer I wore them.

My big wide, size eights were comfy cozy all day long, no blisters, no rubbing.
That is a huge rarity for me and new shoes.

Cellulite or not, no need to hang on to the receipt, these shoes are not going back.


Speaking of "Summing it up" make sure you give my daughter, Summer a hard time if you see her/know her.
Little Miss High-End Label's jaw just about hit the floor when she came home and saw me wearing them.

"OMG, MOM!! What is on your feet?? You didn't actually pay money for those did you?"

(Did I mention they are kinda funny looking?)

Tomorrow, the Skechs meet Whitey's gym...

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