Skecher Test Day 2

Day 2 and still lovin' lovin' lovey-dove loving my Skechers Shape-ups.

I did take them off to sleep last night, but that was about it.

They went to work with me this morning, as fashionably twarted as they are, and my feet we so happy they didn't care how they looked.

Look me in the eyes, people!
Not at my feet!

The Skech's also met my arch nemisis, GYM, today.

We spent some time together on the ecliptical machine and the tred mill.

To be honest, wheter it made a difference or not, I can't say.
My legs, calves, and butt hurt regardless.
But I sure did notice the comfort and cushion under my feet, and that amazing spring up.
My feet didn't get tired at all, and if my gluts would have been more co-operative, I could have kept on going.

That nice little spring in the insole made them very nice doing weight training as well.
They are designed to force you to keep a straight posture which is always a bonus doing any resistance work.

I have been scouring the internet blogs and posts to find out why in the world I am not experiancing all the crazy instant effects that others are raving about.

Yes, they feel like I'm walking on pillows.
But I am not feeling anything particularly unusual in the calves or legs.

I think there may be a little more thought involved in walking in these than I first thought.

Verdict Day 2~

*Still keeping my two thumbs waaayyyyy up*

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