For the Love of Food~ Midnight Munching and Snack Attacks~ part 2

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder & Night Eating Syndrome

Oh we do love food!

It has become so much more than a necessity to grow and build these bodies through which we live life.
It has become an intricate enhancement to our lives.
We celebrate with food.
We comfort ourselves over food.
We fellowship around food.
Food entertains us and has become our hobby.

For many, food has not just become an enhancer of life but has become a dictator in their life.

And for still others, it has simply become their life.

We are looking into the dark secrets of our food romance: the addictions, the cravings, and the compulsions.

By touching on these topics, my prayer is for those who struggle silently,
right here in our community, to realize they are not alone and as powerless as they may feel.

We previously discussed the very real entity, the night binge.
How it grabs us, and how successfully shake free from its stranglehold grasp.

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