One of my favorite secrets I share for instantly boosting health, is
not what you need to remove from your diet as much as what you need to
Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. (A healing diet should actually be
at least 75% fruits and vegetables)

It is by far, the best way to improve everything that is going on inside
of you, and boost everything your hard working body is doing for you .
Fruits and veggies are fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, macro and
micro nutrients, fibers and living enzymes that give your body the
ammunition it needs to build and thrive.

Unfortunately when we should be increasing our fruits and veggies, the
majority of us are are eating less and less.
Part of the hesitancy which I hear has definitely been the concern of the
cost of a high produce diet.

Economically, it is easier to fill up with quick and nutritionally void
(or damaging) processed food.
Particularly when we are faced with the choice to buy our produce organic
or not organic.

We are told that eating organic fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk
of developing cancer and other diseases for us and our children.
We have been warned that our produce supply is being coated with countless
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, dyes, waxes and/or are being
irradiated or genetically modified into what has been dubbed as mutated

New studies, reports and red flags are being posted weekly. We are alarmed.
Our conscience is now wrestling with the reality of observations such as
this one from Dick Irwin, toxicologist at Texas A&M Universities:
“Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to
health. The diseases we’re beginning to see as the major causes of death
in the latter part of this century and into the 21st century are diseases
of chemical origin.”

Not fun, Joanne! You say!
On top of dissecting our food labels leery of trans fats, high salt,
artificial sweeteners, hidden sugars, excito-toxins and things we can’t
pronounce, we need to fret over our fruit!

When did grocery shopping become so much work?

My good news is that you may not have to break the bank when you are
loading your cart with fruits and veggies. I am going to give you a grade
A tip on how you can you can lighten the stress, guilt and fear about
picking your produce.

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