Rebounding Back from Cancer

The statistics hit close to our homes and hearts; every 56 seconds some one dies from cancer, and according to the National Cancer Institute, all men in North America (living past the age of 70) have a 1 in 2 chance of
getting cancer before they die and for women, it's 1 in 3.

More than 50% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer during their
lifetime and the percentage is steadily climbing.

So although cancer awareness, research and funding is as aggressive as it
has ever been, it appears that so is cancer, itself.

Could it be because cancer prevention, education and treatment, is still more “grass-roots” than we think?

It still takes more personal responsibility then contributing a few dollars to the cause and leaving it in someone else's hands.

The first steps to the beginning of “the cure” starts with accurate information, brave personal choices and consistent life changes.

The most successful anti-cancer/ after- cancer strategies are aware and pro-active lifestyles.
A lifestyle that consist largely of clean, low-processed, nutrient-dense foods and constant activity.

I’ve written alot about what you should be tweaking in you diet here in this column.

But today I would like to introduce you to the simplest exercise which is, by far, your body’s best bet in the war against cancer .

It is an exercise that is suitable for all ages, even those who are immobile.

It is not just low impact, but NO impact, and only needs mere minutes a day.

Rebounding grew to superstar status in the 70’s, but is becoming
re-noticed by a new generation.

It is the exercise that NASA itself has called, the perfect exercise.

Rebounding consists of gentle bouncing on a special mini-trampoline.

The basic movement of rebounding, called the "health bounce," is so simple your feet don't even leave the mat.

( Buyer beware! There is an important differece between the cheaper, foriegn-made mini-trampolines that are sold in department stores and quality rebounders. The cheaper mini-trampolines risk damaging your ankles, knees and back because they often don’t provide a proper bouncing mat, proper height from the the ground, and necessary 4-inch long
springs. )

The results of rebounding on the entire body is phenominal, but of particular interest is its attack on cancers.
This is because rebounding is the most effective stimulator for your lymphatic system around.

Your lymphatic system is the major dumping ground for toxins and waste
It is a highway that specialized cells travel through countless vessels to flush diseased and damaged cells, destroying the danger and bringing in nutrients.

While the circulatory system and blood is kept in motion by a pumping heart, for example, your lymphatic system has no pump at all.

Instead it completely relies on you moving to keep it flowing.

Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients

Poor lymph flow is common in sedentary people; this is one reason why less active individuals are more susceptible to illness.

Rebounding moves the lymph along as much as 15 to 30 times more efficiently as when the body is at rest.

But even better is that rebounding will cause an increase ,as much as three times, the number of white cells circulating through the body, particularly neutrophils, which are one of the white cells responsible for destroying cancer cells.

And rebounding will do this all within 2 minutes of engaging in the activity.

Not only does rebounding increase the mobility (15 to 30 times more activity) of the disease eating cells but it also triples the number of those cells.

But there is still another defence against cancer!

Rebounding also significantly increases the oxygen level in the body.
While healthy cells die in the absence of oxygen, cancer cells are opposite.

Cancer seems to thrive in an eviroment with low oxygen levels.

Rebounding floods your tissues with oxygen, making it less appealing to cancer cells but inviting to the growth of healthy cells.

With a good quality rebounder, cancer gets a triple whalop in less than a
few minutes with no perscriptions and no side effects.

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