Monday, April 21, Day 29

I can't get over the immense amount of pain in my right sinus and ear.
Its not just a feel of congestion, but almost a subtle throbbing pain.

Today, I'm having trouble reminding myself why I'm doing this.
The day is cold , raining and damp, my flesh wants comfort.

Extremely fatigued today.


made tuna casserole tonite for the kids.
You know the tuna casserole that always screams "getting too close to the end of the month!!"
a little bit of pasta, can o tuna and mushroom soup.

I was very preoccupied with the thought of licking the spoon for quite a while.

I'm not hungry, I'm actually not feeling any hunger at all.
And I'm not a really big fan of mushroom soup (I know too much!)

So I finally identified the issue as just a salt craving (the salt in that soup is crazy high)
I made myself a cup of hot water and Bragg's, said a prayer and VOILA!!

I was happy as can be.

Feel a little bit of re-alignment today, in my spirit and heart.

Just as I came in to sit down here. I keep hearing the voice of GOd loud and clear, reminding me I am no longer a victim. I need to shake off my victim mentality and behavior and act like the blessed, mighty conqueror I am.

21 days till victory!!

Juciced up some beets, yams, carrots. Lots of spirulina. Coconut oil and flax seed and Dr Millers.
Bowels are cleaning out very well, no enema for a while but no need to with the tea.

Dry skin brushing and contrast showers.

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