Day 19, Fridy, April 11


Sorry, where have I been?
Its been a bit of smooz around here.

Sorry again to all who have been reading...
if anyone is reading...

The last few days have looked liked this

Good as far as water, and juice...

Mostly jugs of apple, beet, yam, spinach, carrots...

Made a big jug of orange a couple days ago, but the kids drank it all on me.

Extras have included jugs of seed mylk, coconut milk, and Braggs and hot water (sort of a soup flavor), and or course my favorite blue/green glory.

I have started oil pulling a couple days ago, I try for twice a day.
I started pulling a few months ago, but only went a week before I got out of the habit.
Really found it made a huge difference with the drainage in my head and sinuses and my mornings were absolutely amazing.
I was waking up before my alarm clock and completely AWAKE!!

Tomorrow is day 20!! I don't think I have ever had a fast go this smooth before. Still a lingering, constant headache. Still the daily cup of organic coffee. I'm sure the two are connected.

I had not drunk so much coffee since I started working in town. That wonderful little bakery is right down the street, far too handy.

I'm on two days off right away, and the bakery's not open Monday, so maybe that will give me a good break

Been trying to dry skin brush twice a day. And contrast baths and showers.

The weight loss is slow, which if fine. I really hadn't thought I lost any because my face hasn't changed and no one has made mentioned.

But today I am comfortably wearing pants that were uncomfortably tight a week ago.

Pay cheque today, weekend off.... planning on lots of juicing and lots of stretching.

I am so glad I have done this.

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