DAY 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting off hard.

Discouraged, sad, weepy, overwhelmed....

Why am I doing this?
Is there any point????

I need to reflect on all God has put in my heart.
I need to do today well.

What were me goals?

3 health situations
several personal situations,

now, I'm just thinking, however God chooses to use this is fine with me.

If something somewhere in the spiritual could break for someone.

It is time for His Kingdom.

When Jesus went out to fast in the wilderness, it is said He went out full of the Holy Spirit. When He came back, He came back in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

There is so much in my heart, but it is drowning.
It can't breathe.
I wish someone would hold me.
What I wouldn't give to be gathered up in some great big arms and held.......

Just a lonely place today. So utterly alone.

So many decisions needs to be made. Dad's dementia is changing day by day.
Moms health deteriorates.
So tired of being the strong one for everyone....

I think I will leave this place when this is all over.
Funny how you could probably just slip away and no one would notice.

Need a scrub and a detox.
My head has had a slow throb for several days now.

I wonder what if...
what if I finish this?

What would I look like?
Will I look like HIM?

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