Day 33, Friday, April 25

Today was spent with snippets of immense joy, and lows of defeat.

Wondering, trying really hard to remember why I am doing this...

I really try, but my mind goes blank...

I know this too will pass.

Food doesn't appeal to me. I don't know what I'd want to eat, even if I could.

I made popcorn for Trevor today. It looked and smelt good.

But I reminded myself that popcorn will be there in 27 days, and that it really isn't that good because I had no coconut oil.

I seemed to have bought that. Besides I ended up burning it. It stunk... not much temptation left.

On my 3 day weekend now from work. Very nice.

Desperately needing some "Jo time". Seems like forever since I've been able to sit quiet.

But this weekend seems to be booking up fast. God help me.
I need focus.

Funny my face isn't showing any weight loss. It is usually there that I can first notice. But I have several pairs of pants that are falling off, and I see a big difference in the lumps and jiggles on my legs. Toxins are moving out.


Currently making a big pot of broth. Onion, garlic, potatoes, cayenne, and ginger.
Its been so ridiculously cold here the past week. I was wanting something warm, and getting nauseous from too much Bragg's.

Might try to buy some miso tomorrow. I'm thinking nutritionally, its superior to Braggs.

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lee said...

Go Jo....your doing great....I'm thinking of you and behind you all the way...haha..way behind...read your nutrition letter today...it was inspiring....

your brother in Christ,