Monday, April 28, Day 36


Finally on my three days off!!
So sad, however I spent the first two of those driving like a crazy woman here and there.

But NOW!! Today is mine!!

Spa day! Woo hoo!

First on the agenda... sleep in! Without guilt!

Soon off for a dry skin brush, hot sweat bath, coffee colonic (Mr. liver and Mr Gallbladder are getting VIP treatment from here on out.)

I'm sure I've had my last sneak of coffee on Saturday. A quick drive thru Timmies and my head was throbbing. The coffee goes (insert loud stomping of foot) from here on out.

I found an awesome little recipe for a heavy metal detox. www.dfwcfids.org/healing/metals.htm

It makes a nice little smooth paste that you take once a day with chlorella tablets.

So, as off date, along with various juice, veggie broths, nut mylks, and sea vegetable drinks I am having 2 teaspoons of the metal goop, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil/ 1 tb bee pollen/ 1 tb flax seed/ half tablespoon unpasturized honey... I think I could seriously live off of that forever.

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