Wednesday, April 30 ~ Day 38?

Has it really been this long?

Where has the time gone?

My longest previous fast was 28 days about 4 years ago. Wow, how I've missed it.
Am I satisfied? Am I pleased?

Strangely, no...

Some of the myths I have had are falling off.

Ideas that I would miraculously change somehow. My temper would fall away. My impatience.
My hesitation and lack of motivation.

There have been moments of vision, grandeur, but that I think is more God's grace than the fast.

It is a bit of a fast now. Cupboards are bare for another week, so not alot to juice. A beet, a yam, celery and some oranges left.

Mostly drinking spirulina with lemonade, onion/potato broth, coconut oil/bee pollen and flaxseed and my heavymetal detox goop minus the cracked chlorella.

I was hoping there would be some spring greens up by now... dandilions, asparagus, chick weed....
but nada...

I'm starting to see some of my old bad eating habits return but in the guise of bad drinking habits.

I still graze the fridge when I'm bored. Now just looking for something to drink.

I wake in the middle of the night wanting something "hearty" to sip on instead of to nibble.

Juice has become my friend and comfort as the food was.

I race in the door from work, dive into the juice, whether I feel the need or not.

I would like these adressed before I reintroduce food.

I really don't miss it at all.

Weight loss has been minimal. I've only had to buy one new pair of work pants. No comments from folks, which is good. I seemed to remember previous fasts when all I would hear are "concerns" that I was too thin. I really did look like a skeleton. But this time, face is still round as a berry.

I give credit to the high amount of fat and the high amount of pure nutrients I have been taking in. I really do feel marvelous, physically.

Just realizing, I have some terrible habits to break and disciplines to learn.

21 days to break a habit they say.... sigh......

21 days seems so long to "do" something... much longer than 38 of "not doing" anything.

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