Day 4- Thursday June 12

I can't rave enough of the magic of juice!

Fresh, living, power packed, healing juice.

Feeling the attack today.

Both in the spirit and in the flesh.

Quit and give up. The voices say....
Its just not gonna happen for you.

Just cave, and comfort yourself. It'll soothe the pain and weariness.

I made up one big jug of juice after work, spinach, carrot, beet, chives, apple, celery, and a hot detox bath.

Voila!! Alls gone, all's refocused.

So many of you have written, either not wanting to drink fresh juice or not wanting to keep the colon properly cleansed.

I believe both are so important.
Just because I have seen the difference so often in my fasts.

Almost like flipping a switch. The mood and outlook changes.

I can only imagine the impact that a highly toxic life has on ones mental and emotional well being.

And whats worse is these folks are making no connection at all.
They are really believing the lie that there is something wrong with them.

Wide awake at 5 am again.

Dry skin brushing, benntonite col clease.
20 minutes rebounding.

Amazing time in the presence of God.

All is settled.

Did I mention I have been almost a week coffee-free?

Yup. True story,
Living proof of miracles.

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Anonymous said...

I can def say she has she hasn't been by for her coffee...and we miss here at the bakery...but getting juice is always nice!! :D