From HK, June 11

"I had a vision of you,

You were standing facing a great light, wearing white flowing clothes and robes and there was a wind, your hair and clothes were billowing softly around you. You also wore a smile, with your eyes closed and your arms stretched out from the east to the west. I felt maybe the HS was the wind going through your hair and clothes, you were facing God, and he was saying "your finally mine again! my love is back with me! "

Thats exactly how I feel...
Thank you HK

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HK said...

I know that God has called me to health and inner healing in my body, I just don't know how to overcome hunger. That vision says it all, and I understand the meaning for me. God wants me to be disciplined about what goes into my body, what good am I to Him when I'm feeling sickly and sore all the time? How can I accomplish anything for His glory when my emotions are a wreck because of all the toxins in my body? But even in the light of all of these things, I have given up hope and given up on myself. I have no more energy left to try and save my health when I feel so overwhelmed with all I know I need to do. The Bible says God will not give us more then we can handle, and I believe this, but it's as though my spirit has died, or just feels overstretched, way past my limits!