Saturday June 14, Second Sowing Day 6

Things have gone so well.

Feel like I am winning all the battles.
Particularly in my heart.
I am more than a conqueror.

Did some more soul searching and came up with more names of people I had to write and ask forgiveness for. All very good.
Very freeing.
Positions me for God's best.

Been up at 5 am and WIDE AWAKE consistently for a few days.

One of those answers to prayers that your not so sure if you really wanted.
But now I just try to make the best of all my time.

Not tired until midnightish.

Lots of romaine, carrot, yam, beet, cuc juice today.
Lots of blue/green glory.

Been able to hit the rebounder for 20 minutes daily.

Coffee free for one week. Whoopie!!

Managed to do some work outside today.
the rain finally stopped

Trevor and I hauled alot of big logs.
Felt good to work, alot of strength.

Can"t wait till tomorrow.
Gonna be an awesome day

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Grace said...

that is so wonderful wow ... we kinda had a fast thing as well...I was going to go on no food but seeing how I'm working I couldn't do it...back at home I would be able to but I wouldn't be working...but yeah thats wonderful Keep on Keeping on!! :D