mI thot I'd make this fast's blog a little more streamline and user friendly than last.

There's seems to always be alot of interest, comments and questions, when I do this.
But primarily from 2 completely different directions.

That just fine and dandy, as my fasts usually mesh from two completely different directions.

The first being the practical fast. The cleansing, and restoring aspect to my health.
I always want to preach what I have first practiced and each time around I learn there is so much more to learn about natural hygiene.

There doesn't seem to be anything I won't try once. Because, simply I wanna know.
I had spent so many years in mediocre health, eating disorders, emotional distress... when I discovered raw foods, juicing and cleansing- it saved me, and it has become a passion.

I love the juice fast (or juice feast if you prefer)

The second angle is that of a believer. My Jesus taught us to fast to seek God.
He made it very clear there are some things that can only be accomplished in the spirit by the fast. It is a time of holy fellowship with God. A time of setting yourself aside, your screaming, demanding flesh and just being with HIM.

I love this even more than any perks of health of longevity.
My spirit always takes priority over this old wasting away bod.

For those interested in the googey details of my fast, my colon, my toxins or anything else "mechanical", look for the posts marked "MECHANICAL"

All other ramblings as I "detox" my soul will be posted "THE MOMENTS"

Simple huh.....

Shall we begin?

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