THE MECHANICS ~ Friday, January 16, 2009

I had spent the past 2 weeks in sort of a pre-fast prep.
Consuming mostly raw fruits and veggies, alot of bee pollen and spirulina.

I had been waiting for BF to head off for his one month adventure in Mexico, so I can attack this without someone trying to wine and dine me every Saturday night.

I really need to be strategic about my long haul fasts. Its amazing how many people want to invite you over for dinner out of the blue as soon as you commit in your heart to do something like this. Murphy's Law? I'm starting to wonder.

This weekend all the kiddos are gone, and I have 2 days almost to myself.
I am pressing in and kicking this baby off.

Today was a hairy unorganized rush, delivering kiddos to various locations. Alot of time in the car and go, go, go...

Tried to work my way thru a big bottle of lemon water. But honestly it rolled under the front seat of the car, and I forgot.

I grabbed an OJ (real OJ not orange pop) at McDicks when kids and I hit the drive thru.

When I got home to my quiet little sanctuary, I started in with the baths.

Hot sweat bath. 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, one inch chunk of ginger.
Colon cleanse and dry skin brushing.....

Too late to drag out juicer and make a mess, so drank 1 cup cleansing broth and 2 cups of warm miso thru out the night while playing catch up with vacuum, dishes, laundry and puter.

1:07 AM and I'm off to bed.

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