THE MECHANICS~ Jan 18 Sunday

Woke up to no heat on Sunday, yipee..... didn't get off to the well focused, streamlined plan I had originated.... (somehow that doesn't surprise me.... when ever you make a well focused, streamlined plan, count on one thing......monkey wrenches)

Dig manage to get out from under the warm covers (later than planned) but regrouped and had a contrast shower while waiting for Mr. Furnace-Fixer.
No time for detox bath, but contrast shower helps all the same.

No time for juice, on the road... go, go,go......
Managed to slug back 2 litres of lemon water, and a quick spirulina and lemonade.

I have also discovered bee pollen dissolves well in warm water, and is awesome when lazy or in a rush

Got home later, drank a couple cups of warm miso, xhaled and refocused for Monday.

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