THE MECHANICS ~ Monday Jan 19, 2009

One more day off... all for me...

Morning started with big glass of lemon water.
Then bee pollen in water.
25 minutes rebound, followed by dry skin brushing, 20 min detox bath, colon cleanse, 20 minutes sitz bath.

2 pm~ juiced, carrot, apple, red pepper and ginger, all I had in the fridge.... wow!

Working on a couple new theories.... first, I am a lazy juicer.
I don't like the mess, don't like the work.
I'm trying to reprogram my stinking thinking, because logically I know its not really that bad.

So every night I get my juicer put together and sit it right in the middle of my cupboard.
Can't avoid it... there it is! FRONT AND CENTER, staring at me, ready to go.

As well, I try to get all my juicing ingredients ready the night before.
Washed, separated and in a nice little veggie bag in the fridge.
No fuss. Just pull out the bag and we're off.

I'm also noticing I need my sink clean when I juice.
Some how the thought of adding my dirty juicing stuff to an already full sink is enough motivation to put it off.
So far so good.

Also working on reprogramming.

As an recovering emotional/compulsive eater, my bod needs to reprogram

I notice in my previous juice feasts, I still default back to these tendencies, just with juice.

If I'm upset, I run to the fridge. But if its juice I'm guzzling, I tend to excuse it.

No more. I want these habits broken.

Now, I'm trying to make myself follow the "STEPS".

Juicing with intelligence and excellence.

This time, I stop, I sit, I drink.... same as if for food. No juicing on the run.
No guzzling at the puter.
At the table, slow, thankful, thoughtful.

Day one... so far so good...


20 minutes yoga... ughhh... felt amazing to stretch!

6 PM dinner with kids~ sipped my 2 cups of potato water, from potatoes.

supplementing with enzymes and niacin.

8 PM~ 25 minutes on rebounder

10 PM dry skin brush, sweat bath, colon cleanse, sitz bath...

Midnight~ lemon water, garlic, to bed....

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