THE MECHANICS~ Saturday, Jan 17, 2009

What a fabulous sleep.

Started the day with Lemon water, 20 min on the rebounder, dry skin brush.

Mid morning I did my detox bath (ginger, ACV, Epsom salts, H2O2)
Colon cleanse, followed by 20 minute sitz bath.

This really gets the bod releasing crap, the lymph pumping and moving things out.

Spent the afternoon sipping cleansing tea

Supplementing with Digestive Enzymes.

2Pm ~ Deep breathing ( I REMEMBERED JENN!! WOO HOO)

4 PM Feeling pretty weak, been going like crazy cleaning house. Made a big pot of juice (lemon, apple, yam, carrot, romaine) and climbing under electric blanket for a while.

Napped to 6 PM- rebound 25 minutes, dry skin brush, 20 min sweat bath, colon cleanse, 20 min sitz bath

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