THE MECHANICS~ Thursday, Jan 22, 09

Yesterday was a total right off.

I expect one or two of those during a fast.

I got home, had a warm cup of coco milk and cinamon.

Then another cup of warm broth, no bath, no cleanse, no brush.

Just snapped at my kids and off to bed by 9

Slept intil 7:30... so GLORIOUS!!! (not the snapping @ the kids part....)

Today was starting in "write off" mode. Woke up wondering why on earth I'm here, why on earth I'm doing this....

But decided to get my head out of my but and trust God to crank me around.

Got 10 intense minutes in on rebounder before I left, and deep breathing...

Things are much clearer.

At work 1 cp warm water & bee pollen
1 cup spirulina/barley greens lemonaide

Home time.... yummy yummy!!
Big glass of orange, apple, carrot, potato, cilantro, ginger

2 cups of miso....

Sweat bath, dry brush, cc, sitzbath....

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