THE MECHANICS ~Tues Jan 20, 2009

Up @ 5AM Miracle in itself~ for so long that has been an unachievable goal.

40 minutes rebounder, lemon water, dryskinbrush, contrast shower.

8 AM ~ big glass of pineapple juice and spirulina.

Off to work 2 liter bottle of water and ACV in hand, wish me luck

Lunch at work~ 2TB bee pollen dissolved in water.
detox tea

Home 6:45~ juiced apple, carrot,beet, ginger, potato
sat at the table and ate.

7:45~ spirulina and lemonade. Sat at the computer and guzzled... bad, jo

9 PM 20 minute sweat bath, dry brush, colon cleanse, 20 minute sitz bath

10 pm one cup of the great big batch of cleansing broth I made

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