MECHANICS~ Watch Out Mr Gall Bladder

And just who is Mr Gall Bladder, you may ask, and why ever should he be ware?!?!?!?

Why Mr GB and his side kick Mr Liver, are in for the shock of their little life in a few short hours.... they are getting flushed...

(unfortunately for me, i have to endure this right along with the rascally rat)

But JO, you may ask, who exactly are this gall bladder/ liver duo and why ever should I care?

Actually, dear friend, they are the unsung heroes of our health, that Mr Liver is the hardest working (and most neglected) organ in your beautiful bod, and when they are overloaded and crapped up with stuff, guess who suffers.... yup....

Its these guess who work as the filter, busy busy busy cleaning out all the unwanted stuff we put in our bodies before it gets into our bodies.

And do we ever work them hard. Alcohol, smoking, fatty foods, chemical ladden food products, heavy proteins, metabolic waste... all this over loads the liver/

World renown Dr. Hulda Clark says "cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that you can do to improve you body's health".

And what about Mr. GB, well we have all heard about Gall Stones, but what are they?

"Gallstones are formed in the liver. They are made from a waxy substance called cholesterol which is manufactured in the liver. 80% of the cholesterol in the body is produced in the liver. 95% of gallstones are not "stones" at all, contrary to what the medical profession would like you to think. They are waxy agglomerations of coagulated cholesterol.

In fact, only 5% of gallstones are hard, or calcified. So, they seldom show up on x-rays or with ultrasound because they are waxy, not solid. They are coagulated cholesterol. They are usually green in color because they are infused with bile which is also produced in the liver. Cholesterol "stones" clog the bile ducts in the liver as well as the gallbladder itself."

And the gallbladder/liver flush, should remove them.....

Now i have done this before, I have released stones, and in case you are wondering, yup.. its gross....

So, off we go into more grossness, tomorrow.

Today its just lots of apple juice, allegedly the pectin helps "prepare" those silly stones to get moving, and lemonade.

I am really not looking forward to this...

Mechanics for the rest of the night....

Sweat bath, dry skin brush, colon cleanse, sitz bath.

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