Walking a Natural Path Newsletter~ January 09

January is coming. ... The time when the dreams take flight.
"The time when the dreams take flight"
Wow, I had just finished typing those words to you in my last newsletter and somehow they would not let me go.
January has always been wrapped up in regret for me. It was my yearly reminder of all I hadn't done since last year at that time, when I promised myself "THIS WAS THEE YEAR!"
It always ended being THEE YEAR to fall flat on my face.
But yet, this year I have chosen to dream once again.
Incredible things have happened since you first started letting me invade your email boxes one year ago.
(Thank you for those who have endured).
It seems God has absolutely changed something in my heart.
Instead of January being the season for condemnation. January is the season of new dreams.
Do you have dreams?
Mine are to grow daily stronger; to increase my health, my control, my knowledge base. To take back that was stolen from me years ago.
To learn ,to do and to listen.
To walk this path and to deserve to wear the title; COACH.
There are many out there who will sit on the edge and tell you how to do it, what it should look like.
But I strive to be the real deal. Warts and all.
Not with bandages; no quick fixes.
Only with real work.
As much as I shudder at the thought, yes, it is real work.
I want to walk this, so others can walk beside.
Little by little, step by step.
Do you let yourself dream anymore?
Dreams are out there, swimming around in your spirit. Grab them!
Imagine the things just beyond our finger tips, longing to be claimed, if we just get on our knees and streeeeeeeeetch.
Many of you took on your New Years resolutions in the "Get the Crap Out Event" that was hosted on FACEBOOK. It was a success.
Please, make sure that you add Your Natural Food Coach to your FB groups. We have alot of fun.
The new www.NaturalFoodCoach.com should be launching shortly so keep popping by and seeing how things are progressing.
And for all of those who aren't tired of my rants yet, I am back blogging my recent juice feast and cleanse at www.juicing-jo.blogspot.com
The blog is still so rough looking compared to some of the beautiful blogs I have seen out there, but I'm learning.
I would love to see you all stop by.

"Reminding one another of the dream that each of us aspires to may be enough for us to set each other free."
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Please have my blessings to forward this to whomever may be on your heart.

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