(as promised Summer, I will not call you little Miss Potato Head)

And now for something completely different....

My girl has been battling a nasty looking red eye since the weekend.
I suspect a combination of cheap, shared makeup and not properly removing it at night... but she'll deny it.

After a trip to the doctor, who ruled out pinkeye, she appeared with a nice little prescription for antibiotic drops.

Unable to fill the prescription, my brave little 13 year old fell victim to her wacky mom's experiments.
Summer-Grace became a true living salad.

We began her healing regime last night~

  • flush the eye with salt water & a wee drop of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • make the girl go back and flush several times properly
  • large doses of chopped garlic (swallowed unchewed) & Vitamin C caps, washed down with lots of lemon water.
  • apply a thin layer of coconut oil and unpasteurized honey around both eyes. Start with the healthy eye and move over to the infected eye so you don't cross contaminate. Coco oil and honey are tremendous antibacterial and will be absorbed into the tissue around the eye and kill all sorts of icky stuff.
  • A nice dry skin brush before bed, to stimulate her lymph glands.
  • and the cherry on top??? Nope, not a cherry... but a POTATO~ Off she went to bed with a poultice made out of grated potato and a chamomile/lavender tea bag. She smelt wonderful! Cham & Lav are immensely soothing and the potato is powerfully drawing. It pulled the infection out of her eye as she slept.
When she woke this morning her eye was full of pus! It had come to the surface.
She complained of a sick stomach but not eye discomfort.
This is very typical of drawing and detoxing.
Her bod is pulling the infection (which would not be solely in her eye btw... but spreading internally) to her colon for removal.
After a wash with warm water, the eye looked awesome.
No where near as FIRERY RED as yesterday.

She repeated the dance tonite much to her chagrin~ (she thinks life would just be easier if mom just got the darn doctor drops) minus the skin brush ("it hurtz")

I am expecting to see a perfectly healthy eye tomorrow.

Wishing we still had a functioning camera to document all this drama....
But alas.. life will have to go on.

To somehow make it up to you, heres a shot from this fall of my sweet little french-fry eye girl slugging back some crazy life-giving yummy juice

Just look at those eyes sparkle!!
(no, she's not gagging~ she's goofin..)

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