Is it really week 3?
The thing is such a smoz and a blurr...

To be honest, I am quite embarrassed to blog this fast, when there are so many more encouraging and successful juice blogs to be had..

Thank you for your patience with me..

Week Three, hmm... let me see.

Successful. YES...
but not according to Jo's standards.

I have grown in ways i did not expect.
A solidness. A realization.

With the arrival of HuNNy BuN home next week, I started to panik.

But the past couple days a coolness has come upon me.
I have only just begun.

I must learn to walk in what I believe, even before Hunny Bun.
In all the wining and dining, I have to do what I need to do.

The juicing will continue until I'm done, and I will know when that is.
There is more healing in my body to be done, and I do not want to stop now.

Honey Bun will just have to wine and dine alone, and he'll have to understand.

This week, I finished 2 liver flushes. Very successful.
The mucus drain down the back of my head seems to have stopped.
Clothes fit nicer. No difference in measurements, but fit nicer.

I am starting to move again on the rebounder.
And I am realizing I like this life.
I like health.

The cravings and compulsions seem to be fading. Peace is slowing swelling over me.
After years of the fight, could there finally be a place of peace?

When food and illness become your master, it is a horrible bondage.

I am meeting the inside of me more and more.
I am learning the lies and tricks i would tell myself that keep me in my bondage.

And now with God's grace, I am learning tools to change my me.
I will not go back.

This is what I stand for.

I am a natural food coach and I am determined to walk the road to qualify me to speak life into all those who are mired in the same mess.

Week 3~ well done.....

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