The Mechanics, March 16 & 17

Monday March 16~

on the road most of the day,~ a big glass of spirulina and oj started and ended my day
a nice warmed cup of coconut milk and cinnamon wrapped up the evening.

Dry skin brush,
Nice hot detox bath, with baking soda, ACV, ginger root
Colon cleanse, and sitz bath.

And tonite in honour of St Patty Day and to celebrate my purchase of a big jar of GREEN CLAY;
I dug out an old body wrap recipe
and made myself look like a big leprachaun!
Its been years since I've done a full body wrap and I had forgotten how scruptious (and itchy) they are.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009



lots of spirulina, and a big jug of spinach, apple, cuc juice to hit the spot
The morning started at 5 AM with 20 minutes on the rebounder
followed by a contrast shower to rinse off last night's clay bath.

Some Miso soup to end the day
after a nice hot detox bath, drybrush scrub, and sitz bath.

I am remembering how magical sweat baths and detox baths really are.
I was absolutely unbearable today~
Backaches, and fatigued.

How I wish I could have bathed earlier in the day.
You can feel it lift INSTANTLY!
It is one of my absolute favorite cure alls!

Its now 11 PM and time to tune out,
but unfortunately zee brain is finally tuning in.

In a true pioneering spirit,
I am reapplying and experimenting with my clay recipe
on my favorite jiggly places again tonite.

Will keep you posted....

As well, I have begun to supplement with sea water
Truly amazing stuff

Take a Gander....


Or Here

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