Well, here I am on the eve of my third night without sleep this week.
But I would feel guilty taking your pity... I have to confess, its self inflicted.
A big jug of carrot juice and I should be fine.
I am trying to slay the procrastination monster in my life
Motivations and moments of inspiration are like manna; they spoil quickly and taste awful when they are "day-olds",
So when they show up, I jump on it.
I am learning the hard way that there is just no other way to get something done but to do it.
I heard something a few weeks ago that has been rooting itself deeply in my spirit. I'll share it with you.
Then I'll show you what's had me staying up all these nights.
"Your destiny is determined in your daily routine"
yup... that folks is what has made me look at another layer of me.
We all have dreams and visions, goals and desires, but so many of us fail to see them come to fruition.
We never see them come to pass.
Is my answer in the above statement? Are my goals and dreams never going to drop on my lap some morning unannounced and
say "Hi Jo, we're here?"
Think about it physically. Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Beat the sugar bug? Coffee? Maybe the procrastination bug? (he hem... blush, blush..)
The end is not in the end... it is in every moment between the beginning and middle, then comes the end.

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