Square Eyes

I have square eyes....

Ok corney, I know, but you have no idea how long it took me to make that....
(alright... actually not that long)

But what a super trooper I am. I have been plugging away on Spiffy the Puter for 12 hours now, for my 4th day in a row.
I am one mind- mushed Jo Jo.

But STILL I forget not all you faithful bloggies, whom I love so much.
"I MUST" I told myself "Give you the courtesy of dropping by today!"
After all you have done, with your loyal rambles reading, it is certainly the
least I could do.

But what have you been up to Jo? To put yourself thru such bedlam?

Why THANK YOU for asking my darlings! I have been a buzy little bumble creating, fretting
and concoting the new and improved Your Natural Food Coach.com

It will be full and fab, of this I am sure! But even more exciting, is the creation of my very first EBOOK!!! YES!! You have heard it here first!

I am an e-author waiting in the wings.... But my, oh, my... there is so much involved, my dears.

Just the programs alone are enough to make a girl cry.

You guys, I want this soooo perfect for you. Absolutely top notch stuff!
And with only few hours in my day to myself, I trudge on. To bring you my first labor of love.


My hope and prayer?
That it could be a real tool to help you get free, get healthy and get strong beyond anything you've imagined!!

Sweet Dreams my darling bloggies....
I'm going to stay up a wee bit more, got a few thots I haven't tucked in yet.

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