Screening your SunScreen

I have a confession, I love hot summers. I love the sun and I love the heat!
Whenever there's a chance, you'll find me curled up in the sunshine just like a kitten soaking it in. The hot temperatures don't bother me one bit. My hair is blonding up, freckles are running amuck and, dare I say it, I'm working on my tan.
Yes, and I apoligize for any healthy cows I'm going to kick over, it is close to impossible to get me to put on sunscreen.

Just a few short decades ago, the leading manufacturers of sun screen products had us convinced that any sun exposure is deadly and the only chance of survival we had was to never leave home without being lathered up with sunscreen.

However, as often happens, time and science is now telling a different story.
Inspite of mega marketing and record-breaking sales of sunscreen, skin cancers have more than tripled in the past ten years

Perhaps, its time to look at this from another side.

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