I'm Turning Forty

Your Natural Food Coach Musing on Turning Forty.

That big Birthday is coming. Forty candles will soon be melting my birthday cake into a puddle.

But first, lets not overlook an equally big, equally crucial celebration, yesterday. It was one big ole party; Sushi and a movie with my big girl and my little boy.
The occasion?
Yesterday was my official 40-2-40 day!!

I have watched friends and family surrender, some with class, some with fear to “that number”, and the way the days are swirling by, and it’ll soon be my turn.

In forty days, I’m turning FORTY YEARS OLD!!

Fortieth birthdays, seem to be a momentous milestone for folks. Its that definitive line between youth and maturity. It’s like the little bell that gongs just to remind you, that you are finally grown up.
In your thirties, maybe we just weren't sure, there still may have been room for childish play. But forty seals it. This is it. We are unquestionably adults.

Forty years old, what wisdom have I occurred? What races have I won? Not as many as I’d like, but I have made some strides...

I have humbly realized the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ and that He is the reason I breathe. Together, with His strength we have walked out of impending illness, eating disorders, depression, alcoholism and strongholds that bound my life.
Most of them self-inflicted during those 30 previous “less mature” years.

The forty-year mark, finds me voyaging out into a career that called me while I argued with it. It’s my prayer that my story becomes your tool and strength to your own victory http//www.naturalfoodcoach.com

I have raised three children, and sent one off into adulthood to find herself. I have buried a parent. My 40th birthday has found me coming full circle. I guess I grown up now.

I am excited! It’s a new era. All things have passed away and all things have become new.
I want to stand on my rooftop and yell to the world, I’M TURNING FORTY!!!!
I am pressing on to the goal ahead with huge anticipation.

But before my Forty candles came something even more pondering and powerful snuck up on me...

The Forty-to-Forty. Or is that 40-2-40?

40th Birthdays come only once in a life. But so do these, and it is helping reshape, re-motivate and push me forward on to my next milestone being the Jo I was meant to be.

So hang tight, tomorrow we start counting down my 40 days till my 40th Birthday and the force with which it has struck.

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