Wild and Glorious Fortyish Makeover

The countdown has begun!!

Last week I tipped you all off on an inevitable destiny that is racing at me with lightening speed.
Soon, I will be arriving at that special number, 40 years young.

Ah, yes, although, I am already enduring the onslaught of “middle-age’ stabs, I am quick to reassure every one that I am actually entering the second third of my full and abundant life.

Things can only get better from here..

This has been time for a wee bit of introspection, and one thing that has been bubbling to the surface of my conscious memory is a promise I made to myself when I turned 35…

“when I’m 40, I’m going to be SOLID” I determined.

Yup, Buffy the Body building babe, I was going to be.

Well, ok, maybe not so enormous, but I was determined to not jiggle anywhere except by my choosing and I wanted my tank tops to showcase somewhat jaw dropping, nicely chiseled, sexy mom arms.

Anyways, 5 years after my great decree, here I am, and I’m not sure where my abs are... They seem to have gone missing over the past winter.

Last week, I decided I was going to enter grown-up-hood with a running start.
After all this is a time that I will never have again.
A once in a lifetime shot to prune off some loose ends that I had been toying with.

I am meeting 40 years young, clean, lean and hopefully not as mean.

I have determined to enter this decade striving towards excellence, in all I do and all I stand for.

The little compromises that I have been dusting under the rug really need to go.

If you have spent any time with Your Natural Food Coach on FACEBOOK you know by now that I am the EVENT QUEEN!
I love any reason for a party, and Counting down to Forty is a huge MOTIVATION!!

So, because I know that we all love those makeover shows… (and this is more fun, well… cause its me)… starting 40 days before my 40th I have embarked on my (drum roll…)

Wild and Glorious Fortyish Makeover!!!

Over the next 40 (now 35) days, I am going to pull all the tricks out of my Natural Food Coach hat, and give myself a total tweeking.

I have to find my abs, lose some jiggles, clean up my skin and my attitude with The Almighty, and find a little more pep.

But even better than listening to me rant, I’m going to share some of my little secrets with you, and let you build your own arsenal of really clever, really user-friendly, strategies to love on yourself when you feel old and your abs are missing.

So just to make this clear, I may indeed be one of the laziest person around.
I don’t do self denial and self abuse well.
So don't expect an hour in the gym everyday.
(Probably why I never transformed into Buffy)

But I have learned on my journey that there are wonderful, delicious ways to tune into a new level of health and being.

So lets go there over the next few days!
Lets chase after a new level in our walk with God, new level of health, new place of looking at ourselves.

Ready?? Times a tickin...

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