Skechers Love Story continues...Day 3

Well, besides learning that I insist on wanting to spell Skecher with a "t", I am also learning that I walk like a penguin!

It has taken me a bit, but I think I finally got this one foot in front of the other thing down.

The benefits that the Skecher Shape-ups gives is very dependant on how you walk in them.

There is a rolling heel in shoe which is what gives the resistance to your leg and butt muscles.

It reminds me of a yoga ball for your feet.

When you walk as you should, the heel is unstable, Skechers compare it to walking in sand,
everytime you step down into the heel, there is a little bit of a wobble and squish (no, it really doesn't make the sound), and your hidden, lesser-used muscles, jump into action to balance you.
Your core muscles kick it up a notch to keep your bod alignment; shoulder, abs, back.. the entire shee-bang.

I find it quite fascinating how your entire body is strung and works together.
God really does do beautiful work, doesn't He?

I had been trying to find out why I'm not experiencing some of the dramatic sensations and work out "burn" others had with these shoes and was getting a little worried.
After all, no pain no gain, right?

There are testimonies about back pain instantly relieved (a posture thing), but back has never been a concern for me.

After careful analysis of each movement of my step, and detailed attention to how Skechers recommends walking in the shoe, (the shoe actually comes with a training video) I came to the conclusion that I WALK HORRIBLY!!!

I have discovered that when I walk, I step from the very back of my heel onto the tip of my toe.
When I am on the tred mill or elliptical machine, I keep to my tippie toes exclusively.
On top of that, I also am leaning to the outside edge of my foot when I walk.

Too many years in big chunky heels?
Dunno... how about child birth? Can't we blame everything on childbirth?

Skechers instructions are specific in that you walk pressing down into the middle of your heel, roll to the ball of your foot, and launch from the toes.

Phew... much harder than one thinks, when your natural step is something like walking in flippers.
This will take a wee bit more reprogramming than first thought

Combining this proper step, with shoulders up, back straight, (altho its hard not to walk with your shoulders up, back straight in these) REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!

I find I need to concentrate more on balance, and core.

Donna at work laughs and tells me I walk like I'm drunk.

I'm discovering walking slowly works better for me, as I can really think about sinking my heel down into that wobbly place in the shoe.
If I get in too much of a hurry and start zipping, I default back to my penguin walk.

As a matter of fact, as of Day Three, I found the best work out I got was trying to stand still for long periods of time in them. Not on my toes, not on the back of my heels, but completely still, knees soft, pushing my weight into the center of my heel and that soft floating heel in the shoe.

Tell me, who does not love a work out where all you have to do is NOT MOVE!!!

Verdict Day 3~

BRAVO Skechers!!
I think you have taught the blonde girl how to walk!

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