Skechin Right Along~ Skecher Shape-up Review Continues

Its been 21/2 weeks since I met my sole's mate,the Skecher Shape-up.
I've taken them off once, about a week ago just to see what walking with 2 feet firmly planted on the ground felt like.

I didn't like it.

Now for me to nix my big heeled clompy boots for anything, especially for something I still find semi-unsightly, has to speak for itself.

After 2 weeks of wearing them non-stop I had forgotten how comfortable they are until I took them off for the day.

In fear of sounding like a broken record (actually I'm not worried about it at all~ and I don't know if anyone knows what a record is anymore) they are HEAVENLY for anyone who spends all day on their feet.

These shoes are a necessity.

At the end of 8 hour day, my feet and legs feel like they could go another 5 miles.

The Skecher Shape-Up's have gone with me to the gym every day; tread milling, ecilipicalling and rebounding. They've taken a run at tae-boing, country hiking, malling, and 10-6 everyday on the retail floor.

When I'm at home puttering, I have them on, when typically I am a barefoot kinda gal.

They are still just as wonderful as the first day we met.

I do find I walk straighter and taller.
So, thats one check for the claim that it improves posture.

My tushy and inner thighs are tighter when I walk.
I have noticed an overall firming in butt, abs, and calves.
But wheter its the shoes or the treadmilling, ecilipicalling, rebounding or tae-bo-ing, I can not say.

The shoe is designed to create an off balance effect that causes you to work more muscles when you realign yourself.
Skecher's compare it to walking in sand.
I definately notice the challenge more when I am moving slowly and am more concious of how I'm stepping then when I am moving faster.

Because of the comfort factor, I definately stayed on the tredmill longer.
I also loved them for weight training.
Very, very comfortable, and I found the cush under my heel actually gave a little opposition and bounce to my free weight sets.
It seemed to make me work harder.

The most resistant and effective excercise I discovered in the Shape-Ups were simple calf raises; right there where I stood on the retail floor.
After a quick set of 30, my calves were SCREAMING.

I don't think the shoes are miracle workers but the claims on the Skecher web site doesn't promise you miracles.
They do claim to help contibute to burning calories and strengthening muscles,and if you strengthen muscles you burn calories.

So yes, The Skecher Shape-up gets Your Natural Food Coach's Big Stamp of Approval.

The only thing that makes me a little meloncholy is that the weather is starting to warm up here in Canada and soon it will be short and cute little skirt season.

And my dear friend the ugly Shape-up will have to be replaced by a much cuter, but much less comfy little summer shoe.

I think my next review will have to be the slightly more esthetically adventurous Skecher Tone-up sandal.

Stay tuned...

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