For the Love of Food~

What came first the Junk Food or the Food Junkie?

I can almost hear your knuckles as they clench. I’ve seen the sweat begin to bead on your brow.
You know its coming but the knowledge of the inevitable never seems to soften the blow.

Yes, I, your Natural Food Coach, am going to tell you to put the junk food back on the shelf.

I will try to convince you in every way possible that, in only a few short days, new habits will prevail; your palate will reprogram its tastes, and your health with blossom.

I think you want to believe me. But still you will try to bargain with me. Negotiate. Some of you may even beg for mercy. For others it may be like the death of a dear old friend.

The most common request I hear is not for advice for disease prevention or for a diet that will restore the strength and vitality of youth.
Nope, the request I get the most of is much more primal and desperate than that,

“Joanne, help me stop eating!”

Whether it’s the afternoon snacking, evening munchies, emotional eating, boredom grazing, night binging, sugar smacking, junk food craving, or a car that just seems to auto-pilot itself thru every drive-thru, when food beckons, we jump.

So what’s going on? Can it really be “just us”?
Are we simply horrible sloths with absolutely no self-control or are there bigger monsters at hand?

Is there another reason for bypassing the salad bar and heaping our plates with the fried rice, bright pink sweet and sour mystery balls and shiny egg rolls?

Or are we so weak that we can’t just “say no”?

Is it all in our heads, or is our food actually doing something to our heads?

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