For the Love of Food~ Midnight Munching and Snack Attacks~ Part 1

There is a ritual that goes on in thousands of households every night.
I call it the bewitching hour.
Somewhere in between 7 pm and 10 pm there is
a constant lingering in the kitchen.
Fridge doors and cupboard doors,
swinging open and closed. Non-stop.

Searching, but no one is certain for what, unsatisfied with what ever they devour.

Hungry? No. Driven? Definitely

Night cravings are the monster under the bed that seem to come out every night after the sun sets, and lead you around by your nose.
( Or is it by your stomach?)

The desire can be unsatitable and overpowering.
It seems to make no difference when and how big of an evening supper you had, or how long you
stare at yourself in the mirror and swear “tonight will be the night” that you don’t sub come to the suggestions.

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